Hi there! Glad to find you here.  :)

I'm Karyna Amador, a graphic designer/star traveler/human/aunt/stick figure comic enthusiast... living in Miami, Florida. In the past few years what I once wanted in life and career has changed and I keep (thankfully) changing and growing. Working full-time as a graphic designer and art director, both freelance and on-site for awesome clients and studios, I also use my love of design and illustration for fun personal projects, many of which you'll find on this blog and online shop. Lately I've also consciously chosen to direct more of my energies on the things, people, and projects I feel are important, all of which hopefully contribute to my living a more creative, inspired, authentic and fulfilling life. Much of that I share here with you.

When not designing, doodling, or drawing patterns and new illustrations, I'll also be sharing random stick figure chronicles, inspiration, and helpful resources you'll hopefully enjoy and find useful! Without this sort of personal creative outlet I'd think I'd go nuts.

As for my many of my handmade patterns, designs and collages you'll see here, I create them plain and simply because I love it. Sometimes I try and evoke a particular feeling, trying to capture a mood, or an energy or an inspiring positive intention behind it. Sometimes I just let the patterns be whatever they want, not representative of anything in particular. Hopefully something uplifting or unexpectedly beautiful can be discovered or felt in them, even if just a curiosity. Regardless, they truly are a form of meditation and grounding for me. 

As for the name, Paper Squid, it came about a few years ago when I thought I wanted to exclusively wholesale and sell stationery products, (not really interested in that anymore). My boyfriend and I thought of it, and honestly it just had a nice ring to it so I've kept using it since. Though I have no personal attachment to squids, I couldn't help myself and recently looked up their meaning in regards to animal totems (at least for this space, this blog), and it said "...squid uses light, color and form to communicate... curious and observant...leading you to explore more facets of your spiritual being." And hey, whether you're into that sort of thing or not, it still seems perfect and appropriate for this space and journey.

Besides here, you can also find me on instagram, @PaperSquidShop, or at my digital printables & invitation shop here on etsy. I'd love to connect so feel free to say hello or leave a comment, (I'm nice I promise) or email me with any questions to PaperSquidShop @ Gmail.com :)  and have a beautiful day!

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Also say hello and lets connect here (I looove instagram):

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