Sunday, December 27, 2015


papersquidshop, papersquidshop instagram, design instagram, esty shop

papersquidshop instagram, etsy shop, paper goods

I hope your holidays have been great so far; seriously full of awesome, happy moments. As well, I hope you have some downtime (or up-time) in these last days of 2015, anything that just brings peace, calm...or positive excitement.

In this semi-freetime I've had, I realized that my shop and small business really needed it's own instagram account, separate from my personal one, though it's still all a part of me and what I'm doing. I've had Paper Squid for a few years now. It's been mostly a part-time passion project, things created when I have downtime, and I admit, sometimes this space and project have been completely ignored – but something has shifted. In trying to grow and create something new for myself and my family in 2016, I'd absolutely love for you to follow along the journey and say hello at the new instagram space: @PaperSquidShop

Here you'll find everyday behind the scenes, illustrations, designs in progress, sales, shop updates, and hopefully inspiration and a positive uplifting space. There is something about instagram I love compared to other social media sites (yep, it's all the pretty pictures I'll admit) so I hope to see you there! xo

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