Monday, March 17, 2014


These are just a few abstract paintings I've been experimenting with lately; lots of playing with color. I love getting lost in these, creating them when I'm not designing new invitationsYou may recognize one of these paintings from a past free desktop wallpaper I shared on the blog. (A quick note: the awkward angle on the image above is due to me taking the photo with the paintings backwards - I noticed later - and so it's been rotated).

This image below is a few shots of one of the paintings in progress and the final outcome. Always cool to see where the paintings go.

The painting above is Canopy no.2. All of these were created using gouache and acrylic.

This painting above is Abstract Untitled No.1 (Yep, the perfect name when I can't think of a name.

This one is titled Canopy No.1. You can also find a version of this painting as a free desktop wallpaper which you can download here.

If interested, these three prints and other items are available in my Society6 shop here. The Society 6 shop now has shower curtains (love these), wall clocks and other awesome stuff.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week.

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