Thursday, October 3, 2013


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 Who says dinosaurs don't love birthday parties?

Recently I've set aside a few water color projects and micron doodles and found myself a bit invitation happy; I've been designing a few digital printable invitations for my etsy shop. A while ago I used to sell art prints there but have changed things around, mostly offering digital paper goods, moving my art prints to society6 for now. I usually don't post much anymore about the etsy shop but wanted to share these. A lot of these invitations started as personal projects for friends and family and I realized how fun they are to make and have kept it up.

By the way, excuse the crappy lighting. (Kudos to those who have this product photography thing down, ah). As I was taking the photos the sun was shining, then a few moments later it immediately started getting cloudy, the lighting changing minute to minute. (Again, ah).

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etsy fill in invitation, flower invitation, vintage bouquet flower invitation, flower invite
If you'd like to see more of my etsy shop you can visit here.
Invites in order:  1) Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitation  /  2) Abstract flowers & pomegranates invitation  3)  Halloween Invitation   /  4) Vintage Bouquet Flower Invitation


  1. those dino invitation! I think that was a good idea, moving most of your prints to society 6. That's where I go when I'm looking for things to hang on my walls (or iphone cases) and I tend to stick to Etsy for invites, jewellery, things for the house etc

    1. Hi Emmett, so glad you love the dino invitation! Kid's invites are the best because you can totally be playful, Lol. But also thanks for the feedback on society6 vs. etsy. They are both pretty different but it's very helpful to know that you and others do go to the different one for different things, unless it's following a specific artist or person. :D

  2. These digital printable invitations are a great idea! Not only do you have preset templates for any occasion, you also have really cool designs. Anyway, we are looking forward to more variants of this in the future. Good day!

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print


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