Thursday, September 26, 2013


Once again and very realistically drawn, everyday random moments and wishes told in traditional stick figure — today:

I actually created this about three months ago, but since the whole French thing was short lived, (I'll stick with good ole' English and Spanish for now), I wasn't going to post it but recently rediscovered it and figured why not. What's funny is the other day I was watching this video by Marie Forleo on clearing your lists, creating mental space and her process of really breaking down a to-do list — so simple but very useful — and there's a part where she mentions the "Meh List". She actually says " know, things like learn a new language" and it had me laughing out loud. With some conscious tweaking, I've begun to really shift internally and reprioritize the things I choose to devote my time and energy to, those things that really feel right to me, whatever the reason for each (not just design and business-wise, but personally too). What have you shifted or cleared out from your daily lists or life, those exhausting never ending items or tasks, those things that are just not right anymore, if any?

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