Thursday, September 12, 2013


There's something awesome about making separate random shapes play together. 

It had been a bit too long since I made something new, (though this was just completed), so I created this abstract flower collage. (For some reason it also reminds me of an asteroid). I love making these! (See the last one here). I think I'll try making a few digital ones using personal photography; let's see if creating them digitally is as enjoyable. If I'm happy with the results I may put those up in the shop. 

It may seem a bit unrelated, but all this cutting and pasting was also inspired because I recently got together to with my friend Jenny to create vision boards. "Vision boards?" you ask. It was very last minute, unplanned, and I loved it. I was motivated by an episode of Grace Bonney's, (of Design Sponge) After the Jump podcast. If you have a chance, check out this particular episode called "Live the Life You Want to Live". She explains them here along with other tips and techniques on setting personal goals outside of work, suspending self judgment, rejection therapy and more. I may share my vision board here soon. Have you ever made one before?

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