Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sweet Links – What's in Your Food? (And Crystal Caves)...

Usually my Sweet Links list tends to be a bit longer, but today it's short with a focus on food. I found these same links from a few different sources, and these two apps definitely seem worth getting.

BUYCOTT — By scanning food item barcodes, this app determines if the item(s) you're thinking of buying are okay or in conflict with things important to you, based on a list of campaigns you choose to join (or not join). For example, I "joined" a campaign called "Say No to GMO - Monsanto Products Boycott". Since buying non-Monsanto (non-GMO) products is important to me, when I scan an items barcode it will either appear red or green, essentially giving me the go ahead to buy or not buy based on this interest and other "campaigns" I chose to support. No matter where one stands on any issue or any company, there are campaigns all across the board, as this article highlights. But the fact is, where we give our money matters.

FOODUCATEThis app also lets you scan food item barcodes but is a bit different. With a focus on ingredients, it lets you know what's in the food, such as artificial sweeteners and more. It uses a grading system based on your inputted information and set-up, but overall nutrient dense foods have the highest grades. It can also let you know about vegetarian and vegan foods and whatever else may be important or not important to you.

• And one last link, though not food related, but these large crystals are amazing.

I hope you find one of these links helpful!

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