Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seashells & Flowers Collage - Glue it Tuesday

Today I'm joining Aimee of Artsyville on her new weekly post, Glue it Tuesday (replacing List it Tuesday). You should definitely join us, (and if you do, let me know below)! You can cut, paste and glue anything you want... which is perfect since this weekend I was feeling a bit stuck, even though I have a few pieces in progress that I'm excited to work on. I had honestly forgotten how much I loved creating collages. I definitely think I'll be doing a lot more of these, both for personal projects and the shop. 

As you can tell, I was feeling a bit flowery, because how do you not feel lighter and better after creating and illustrating flowers alongside a (magical) seashell? :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day, and I'll be back this week with a long overdue stick figure chronicles.


  1. I agree. Collage is a great way to get in-stuck. And your s is gorgeous!!!

  2. Very bountiful indeed! Love it on the black background. Gives it extra kick!

  3. yay, karyna! i am so happy you linked up to us this week -- i love your work and I love this seashell! it's like a collage-y cornucopia of papery goodness! xo

  4. Very cool, Karyna! Glad to have found you via Aimee's link up!

  5. Hi ladies! Thanks so much (Lynn, Dawn, Aimee, Andria and artatag) for stopping by! Glad you guys enjoyed my cut and paste therapy collage!


  6. two of my favorite things! Love how the flowers are growing everywhere! {:-Deb

  7. That one is really beautiful!
    I think I may have to try the glue-it Tuesday linky party too! Looks like fun!

  8. I love your magical flowering shell. When I was a child I was gifted with real shells that had paper flowers attached to a string on them tucked into the shell. When the shell was placed in water the seal would eventually open and out would pop the paper flower. Always magical!

  9. Really enjoyed seeing your work.The black background really makes it pop.
    Happy Glue It Tuesday!

  10. Beautiful art, full of texture and the pop from the black is outstanding.

  11. Darn, must be my system. I can't see the image you posted. I'll check on IG :)
    Fran T xo

  12. Love it! It reminds me of our crafty get-togethers back in the day!

  13. Thank you Pat, Deb, Rhonda, Maria & Rossie! :)

    Deborah, that sounds really beautiful. I can picture kind of picture it, I'm sure it looked really magical when in the water. Cool :)

    Fran, thanks for letting me know! That's weird! Web has its quirks, I'm wondering too if maybe its a setting on my end or the way I upload the picture? Thanks. And I should post this on IG :D

    Jenny jenny!!! Dude it totally reminded me of our craft nights! That was awesome. We actually kept it up for a bit there. We have to do another, we'll just have to have the girls fly in, they can do it for the weekend, haha.

  14. Hi Karyna, Ditto: very cool. I'm also a collage artist and I appreciate yours!

  15. I love this collage! It's so beautiful!


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