Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sweet Links

Aren't these mini pineapples cute? Photo from my instagram feed.

There's a little mix of everything here: blogging and life advice, food, kids, dancing fish — but I wanted to share these link with you that I've come across recently (and some not so recently, but they're still very relevant), that I felt were interesting because they had really nice gems of truth, honesty, or just awesomeness. Hope you enjoy. If you have any links you'd love to share, let me know below!

Adam Baker TED Talk: Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love
Leonie Dawson: How Not to Freak Out, Fuc* it Up or Flounder Your Magical Idea
Illustration from Obviously Cloe: Vaginas are More Regulated than Guns. (via)
While we're on the subject... women lets' talk about our cycles: Lady comp
Amanda Palmer TED Talk: The Art of Asking
Loving her blogging and branding advice
Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
So good: Storytelling, Soul + the Power of the Erotic
Seems I'm not the only one 50/50 about whether to have kids or not: from Cup of Jo  
Great information and recipe options for raw low fat foods.
Great options for cooked low-fat and high-fat vegan recipes
And because I want you to have this in your head for the next hour :)

Have a really great weekend.


  1. Nice links, thanks!!! I'm going to check these out this week. I'm on vacay after Tues:))))

  2. Hey Fran! Vacation sounds sooo awesome, have fun! :)

  3. Looks like a great list, Karyna! Can't wait to check them out!

  4. Hi Aimee! :) Hope you enjoy the list!



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