Sunday, February 17, 2013

Overheard Series - No.6

A few random things I've overheard in the past few weeks that made me laugh or smile just a bit.
You can read more from the Overheard series here. Curious, have you overheard anything lately?


  1. Ha, these are all wonderful little snippets to overhear. I rarely overhear anything that would make a good tale to repeat - oh except this one thing and it was actually my husband who overheard it at the zoo and told me with sheer incredulity!

    little boy 'look at that elephant's beak'
    little girl ' pfft, that's not a beak, it's a snout!'

  2. Hey Nic, glad you like the little snippets. I rarely overhear to much either, but these are a few from a few weeks...actually now that I think about it, maybe more like a few months! :)
    Those little kids your husband overheard are awesome, kids are hilarious. It's like the little girl was insulted because he was so wrong, haha. Thanks for sharing, maybe I'll put this in the next one :))

  3. Hi Rachel, that seriously makes me happy! :)


  4. What a cool series! I have to admit, I have definitely been guilty of listening in on a conversation or two. I wish I could remember some of the funny things I've heard.


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