Tuesday, February 26, 2013

List it Tuesday: What's Working for You?

Today I'm joining Aimee of Artsyville for List it Tuesday. Feel free to join us by linking your post to hers, and let me know here!
This list is all about "the things you're doing that are really working for you". I was thinking about what's made me feel better, calmer, happier, anything that feels a change in the "right direction"at least for me and these five things came to mind: 

  FOOD:   As much as I don't want to be too fixated on what I'm eating or not eating, food has definitely been a big focus these past months. I realize food choices and preferences  are different for everyone for different reasons, but what's working for me has been to cut out meat and dairy products, going vegetarian and taking steps to veganism. It's felt important not only for health, energy, and environmental reasons, but also becoming more aware of the horrific animal cruelty of the meat industry, and I just can't ignore it. I've also added lots more raw fruits and veggies, along with cooked food, which makes me laugh because I think about what I was eating a few years ago, (hello microwaved TV dinners and diet coke) and I can't help but think, "who am I?", ha.

Maybe in a future post I'll go more into detail, sharing with you the books, blogs, and vlogs I follow that have been helpful, for recipes and in general!

  WALKING:   Oh exercise, how lazy I've been....walking... at least 3-4 days a week has definitely worth it.
  LESS TV:   This started with reducing my bills, so cable was out, but I'm feeling the benefits. I'll just go out of my way to rent a movie or series on netflix when I want to – hello Game of Thrones... I patiently await your return.

  MEDITATION:   I try to do this daily, but haven't. Sometimes I can quiet my mind, other times lots of random thoughts creep in, "Ooh I need to buy bananas", "Ooh I need to call my accountant", "Squirrel!"... but I'll keep it up, because when I do it feels awesome. This reminds me, my friend Hildy gave me this zine, There is No Right Way to Meditate.

  DECLUTTERING:   I've had the urge to get rid of the stuff I haven't used or looked at for a long time! Goodbye old jeans I've kept around for when I loose weight. Bags and bags of stuff, where did it even fit? It's great to clear space.

I'm curious, are you doing any of these things, or maybe something different? I would love to know what you're doing that works for you, making your life easier, better, and just more awesome and enjoyable!


  1. Karyn,
    You are too funny! I have recently started (sort of) a meditation practice and one day I could not stop laughing because I kept thinking of that line from the movie UP.. "Squirrel!" That and keep thinking that I hear the siren call of chocolate : )

  2. Haha, hey Lynn, I think that's exactly where I got that "Squirrel!" from... UP is such a great movie.
    Just like you, I'm trying to do it (meditate) and be more consistent...but what you wrote is hilarious: when you can't get a video or moment out of your head and are just cracking up alone thinking about it...especially when trying to meditate, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. those are five great things to do... or not do, as the case may be. I need to start cycling on my stationary bicycle, since I broke my ankle. Can't wait to be able to walk again "normally" again! {:-D

  4. Hi Deb, ugh that sucks about your ankle - Sorry that happened! Honestly hope you'll be walking back up again soon. It's the little things....

    Thanks for stopping by :D

  5. from strength to strength,
    go karyna go! xox

  6. Love the idea behind your list - what feels like it's moving you in the right direction. There's such a feeling of expansiveness about that and self-kindness. I always vote for gentleness when trying to shift.

    I'm inspired by all the items on your list.

  7. Hi Rachel, thank you! :) -XOXO

    And Deborah, thank you as well for your comment. I definitely do feel a feeling of expansiveness lately, yes, it's so important to remember, at least for me, to be gentle with myself/ourselves when shifting or "trying" to shift. Self kindness and self-love are sooo key, (I'm very much realizing).I Thank you for your feedback!


  8. Your list is all of the things I should be doing... but can't bring myself to... welcome aboard LIT...

  9. Love how you wrote your list and the border around it. :) I love meditation, too, but I keep forgetting to do it. :)

  10. Hi Textile, thanks! I Love Aimee's list it tuesday, very cool idea.

    And Natahsa, thnaks, and glad you like the design! About the whole meditation thing, I also keep forgetting to do it, or putting it aside.. but bit by bit.


  11. I always hear that less tv and decluttering are both signs of positive growth

  12. Hi Mary, I definitely hope so; feels so... Thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. love the list Karyna! And your watercolor version as well! just great. I do some of the things on your list, especially less TV. We got rid of the cable too and I barely miss it. We have Hulu and Amazon. I get my DailyShow fix every Friday night, we watch the whole week's worth! Definately meditation. I agree with your statement. No right way:))
    FranT xo

  14. oh my goodness, reading this was like it was written for me!! I'm so pleased you're moving towards veganism. I can't imagine ever eating meat or dairy again. Now and again I'll get a craving for cheese but I think of what cow's go through in their short painful lives and I know my craving will pass and knowing I'm not contributing to their suffering tastes better than a momentary mouthful of cheese.
    As for meditation - I have tried a couple of times but I just don't know how to empty my mind of random nonsense - your 'squirrel' comment made me laugh because we say that about our dogs all the time!!
    Your print is lovely - great title as it really does look like a whimsical landscape seen through gorgeous paper doilie clouds!

  15. Oh I just realised I commented on the print from Sunday not the script that goes with this post which is also lovely but does not look like a whimsical landscape seen through paper doilie clouds! d'oh.

  16. Hi Fran! Really glad you like the watercolor letters :)
    I barely miss cable too, funny the one show that I do love to watch all the time (we also just have just hulu and netflix like you for certain shows) is Daily Show! Looove that show for soo many reasons.

    XOXO :)

  17. Hi Nic, haha, I knew what you meant though even though the comment went in the other post :D

    As for veganism, yes, I just can't eat those products anymore or view them the same, at least for me, though I know different ppl have differnt diets/different reasons. And I get what you mean about cheese, it seems all around this is the one item lots of people have a harder time with! It's so crazy the things that go on with that industry. BTW, I actually remember your post on your blog from last year on veganism and why you had deccided at that moment to become one. Don't remember if I commented on it BUT it really moved me then. And this that you wrote is a great reminder, "'m not contributing to their suffering tastes better than a momentary mouthful of cheese."

    And glad you enjoyed the print

    XOXO :)

  18. Like Deb, I got hurt recently so exercise is challenging at the moment! (And I NEED it, seriously.) I've got to get back in to seriously healthy food. (I'm vegetarian as well.)

    I love your lettering and the border of this list. Lovely.

  19. Hi Em,
    I really hope what happened heals soon! I guess we do what we can in that moment. Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)

    I'm also glad you liked the illustrated border and lettering :D

  20. I need to do more meditation; I'm struggling with making time to do this. It's so hard to quiet down my monkey mind! I've started the path to decluttering, and I love the space that's opening up, both physically and figuratively!

  21. Hi Paula! I understand too because I've struggled with it this week as well! I was doing it, and then it's become a little harder (monkey mind, "busy-ness". But I've heard someone say that by not judging ourselves so much, just the intention, and just doing little by little is great! Bit by bit, or even a guided one is lots of help too!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing, I appreciate it.



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