Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aqua Garden

If you happen to follow me on instagram you probably saw a version of this design in progress. I'm happy with how it turned out and the overall feeling to the piece, (does that make any sense? I like them to feel a certain way: positive, serene, ect.). But once it was scanned into the computer the original blue lines went out the door and it took a slightly different direction becoming the piece above, and I just can't say no to adding watercolor!

Below is the original which I wanted to share with you. It was my first time using fine-tip sharpies instead of micron pens, for the simple reason sharpies have more color options (like different blues). Also if you want to combine them with watercolor on paper you can since sharpies are waterproof. Just a heads up though, sharpies aren't as crisp as microns – in case you're curious – but they work well and it's another good tool.
I've also gone ahead and added this print to my society6 shop. But now off to do fun things, like get my taxes ready – yay.
Hope you have an awesome day!


  1. ooh taxes. the fun never ends, huh ?
    These are beautiful Karyna! The colors are terrific! I just went to IG and found you and left a note. Its great all the ways we can stay connected, isn't it? I have to watch though, I can get pretty caught up in that and it leaves me barely time to actually create LOL!.

  2. Hey Fran, Thank you! So glad you enjoy the pieces! :)

    As well, I'm happy you found me on IG. I admit, I don't use facebook and the other sites as much as I could or should, but the one place I love going on, for personal and the art pics, is IG. Glad you're there! Just followed your feed.


  3. This is really beautiful Karyna. I've been enjoying your old posts... love all your drawings!

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  5. Hi Camila! Thank you so much for your feedback, that's awesome! I'm so happy you're enjoying the blog posts and art, (smile)

    — Karyna


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