Friday, August 3, 2012


dinosaur portraits portraiture papersquid blogIf you ever consider having your portrait painted, now now, why not have it done in dinosaur? :)

A few months ago I traveled to Los Angeles with Juan and we visited our very long time and close friends, Tere, Laura, Hildy, and Dennis, (three of who live together and all are friends from Miami). We had an amazing time; they are just awesome people.

One of the days there, Tere (or Teresita) and I
were laughing at something silly which led to a random joke or conversation, "I wonder what we would look like as dinosaurs/we should make dinosaur portraits". And no, we were not high.

Though I don't remember the exact conversation, when I got back I decided that exact thing would make the perfect thank you gifts. These are the portraits I created. Though I'm by no means a painting expert, I decided to use acrylic paints on 8x10 inch canvas, keeping the shapes and colors simple and just have fun with it.
The best part is I know they appreciated the gift - and the pieces were successful in looking like them!

And yes, I think you should also have your dinosaur portrait painted (and I would love to see it). Hope you enjoy and have an awesome weekend everyone.


  1. the dino-rican is hysterical !
    thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog [i remember when we used to memorize phone numbers too. i still have those from back in the day memorized, but never any new ones ;)]

  2. Hi Lisa. Thanks. I was wondering if anyone had caught or noticed the name plates on the drawings, LOL! :D



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