Tuesday, May 22, 2012


(Photos above from a beach trip last month).

Hi everyone. Here are some varied sweet links to enjoy this weekend, or any day really
. :)

Vertical Veg – Info on gardening for containers and small spaces. I still haven't started my garden in my shady balcony, but I have been garden bombing around the building; pictures to come. (via)

The Secret Life of Baking Soda (My Girl Thursday). I saw this post today and it coincided with the fact I just unclogged my bathroom drain a few days ago using baking soda, vinegar and some boiled water so if in need, I hope you'll find this helpful. The link I specifically found for that is here.

Yes folks, lead in lipstick. (via Kyla)

Free iphone wallpapers (pesonal use only)

This podcast is from last year but I just now listened to it! I enjoy Lisa Congdon's work and in case you're like me and haven't heard this, it's worth a listen.

Tie Dye your nails: water marbling. (I now wonder if some of these brands have lead too, but still, interesting technique).

Awesomely illustrated, Dinner Etiquette (kind of oldie but goodie).

Speaking of dinner, I found this interview interesting and inspiring: Sexy Raw Foods with Karyn Calabrese. I'm not a raw foodist but I am eating a lot healthier, or at least I'm trying to by incorporating more raw foods such as salads and fruit/veggie smoothies, and more vegetarian dishes, but I hope you'll find this interesting and informative.

Speaking of vegetarian dishes, or in the case of this link, specifically vegan dishes, I just purchased her book on amazon: here is Chef Chloe's site.

One more recipe link: maybe the links above are not for you, but here is a blog with gluten free recipes: Elana's Pantry (via JC)

And since we're on a food trip, how to avoid genetically modified foods (as much as possible), here (see no. 3 for the upc codes) and here. Just in case, here and here are but two links explaining GMO foods.

For blogging, business or anything: escape the comparison trap.

All about hair

Fracking and frac-sand mining along with this. (Sigh)

How does your first time garden grow. :)

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