Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hey everyone. You may have seen this already if you're following me on instagram – username papersquid – but it's a design/pattern I just finished up. I used black micron pens (which are drawing pens that come in different colors and thicknesses. If you're curious and want to try them out, they can be found at most art stores, crafts stores and online). They're great, archival and I love that I can use them with watercolors since they're waterproof. 

It's funny, and this is sort of random, but I just realized as I look over this post that I've had that eraser in the photo since elementary school :)

As for this piece, I'm thinking of turning it into a print or perhaps a pattern for textiles, finally delving deeper into that area. I know I've mentioned it before but my freelance graphic design job has kept me busy, but this will be a new and fun next step. As for right now, back to doodling...

Curious, what projects are you working on? 

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*Note: Nothing was received in this post for mentioning microns; I mention them because I like them, that's it.


  1. Wow! Love this design - what are micron pens? ( I use Rotring Isograph pens).

    Bumped into you on Point Pix's blog. There aren't many of us 'drawers' around!

    I only had time for a quick scan of your blog, and love your stuff ... but note that you are a little crazy :0))) ...which is good!

    I've become a follower ... hope you don't mind.

  2. Hi John, so glad you found me. And of course I don't mind you started following the blog, if anything I appreciate it. :)

    Haha, crazy huh? Maybe just a little bit, but completely level headed :D

    As for the microns (I actually went back and wrote something more detailed on them within the body of the blog post - thanks) they are drawing pens they sell in different colors and thicknesses in a lot of art stores and craft stores, and you can find them online on and I'm sure more places. I like them because I like how they feel/work and they are also archival and water proof when I combine them with water colors. Hope that helps.

    thanks and Have an awesome day.


  3. I love the precision and quality of the ink with micron pens. Being a lefty, sometimes I have difficulty with ink that smudges or runs easily but these are a nice tool that is lefty friendly! Great design.

    1. Hi Carlos, Yes, even as a righty like you in the past I had issues with other pens and smudging (sucks when you get a nice line or flow going and then blehh / smudge fail), but I'm happy I was told about these guys; and also thanks for your feedback! :)


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