Friday, February 24, 2012

Life on the Balcony

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Last year I was inspired to start a garden. The thing is I live in a small apartment, on the second floor with a very shady balcony. But that's no excuse. I love plants, and I've been inspired once again to create a beautiful mini garden with pretty flowers, succulents, and some herbs. Last year when this sudden desire clicked, I found this awesome blog called Life on the Balcony by Fern Richardson. She comes across as very sweet, knowledgeable. As you can tell I really like her blog. Hope you find it useful!
What happened to my sudden garden inspiration of last year you ask? Well, I grew some basil and thyme from seed in soil pellets and was actually pretty successful - you can view some of these here and here. I ended up giving many of these to my friend Jenny who started a garden in her home, kept one plant and another plant died. (I felt horrible, but it's a process). After that I didn't grow anymore because I wasn't sure my balcony was the right place to have a garden. What was I thinking! I can at least have some flowers. I'll keep you up-to-date on this garden journey...and hope to not harm anymore plants.
Have a great weekend.


  1. I have a black thumb and admire anyone who make any attempt at caring for plants. I love flowers so much but I kill them all. Its best I just observe and not care for them:)

  2. Hi Fran. I'm definitely no expert (not even close - and I've unfortunately not done well by a few plants but not intentionally), but I think plants like aloe and succulents are beautiful and supposedly easy to take care of! You never know. :D


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