Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Sea

Though I live in Miami and the beach is not a long drive away, I still don't always go. That changed this past weekend and I want to share these snippets from the ocean and Biscayne Bay. I forgot how much I love the water. Our friends Ananda and Juan took my boyfriend Juan and me (lol, that's a lot of Juan's) out on his boat. It was awesome and the not-so-hot weather helped as well.I've felt the need to do less and I feel these pictures reflect that. (I have/had easily 6 full lists of to-do's. Insanity, it was getting ridiculous). In case you've visited my etsy shop, you'll notice I put it on vacation and am on hiatus with it. I feel I'm in this transitional period. I hope to go out on the boat again soon and share more photos with you .

Do you love the water or the beach? Maybe the mountains, the desert. Ooh a trip to the Northwest is calling. Love to hear you thoughts and enjoy.


  1. wow! your photos are really stunning!

    glad to see this!
    thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  2. Great Photos, Karyna!

    I'm inspired to go take pictures of my own!


  3. i love miami! and i concur wholeheartedly about the need to connect to the water... it makes everything else seem to melt away.

  4. Hey Betty, Jenny and Aimee. (Lol, blogger needs to update their commenting/reply section). :)
    But I'm honestly so happy that the images made you guys smile or in their little way inspired you to take pictures! That makes my day completely and inspires me.

    And I agree Aimee, it really does make everything melt away, as it did for me in just those few hours.



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