Tuesday, July 5, 2011


At my nephews 1st birthday party, after the piñata was broken and ransacked (which of course I snuck a few mini twix bars... and maybe some skittles) I later overheard a little girl say "I wish it rained candy!" It was way too cute and honest and it's prompted me to share a few more things I've recently overheard at the grocery store, work and just about anywhere else.
The last one made me laugh, and the Pepsi one was interesting because the guy seemed angry about it.

What have you overheard recently?


  1. I LOVE this topic! I wish I had something to contribute but nothing I've overheard recently has stuck in my mind. However, I also wish it rained candy!

  2. Thanks! If you happen to overhear something soon PLEASE share. :)
    Oh and I also wish it rained candy but also mini buckets of organic chocolate ice cream, he

  3. I love these. My son said a ton of funny stuff this morning. Now I have to remember to write some down! I had a boss years ago that used to walk out his office and just announce to who ever was in the room, "Everyday, in everyway, I'm getting better!" I think of that quote alot and I've illustrated that once or twice:) Thanks for the wonderful quotes!

  4. Hey Fran, that's kind of cool that he would say that; I like his style/quirk! That's a very good quote; thanks for sharing it. :)


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