Saturday, May 14, 2011

Work In Progress

I quickly wanted to share something new I'm working on. This is ink and watercolor on watercolor paper. It's just to get some things off my mind. I'm also a bit short on words today, but am realizing as I focus on new projects, I want to take a slight shift in direction from specifically graphic design (which is what I do now outside of this blog and shop) to textile/surface design for fabrics and products. Yes, definitely in the same family but still a shift in focus. As I work on more projects (which are on their way) I'll be sharing them with you and would love, as always, your thoughts.

Since I mentioned it, I am designing fabric patterns and have quite a learning curve to work through but I'm enjoying it! Can't wait to have those ready.

What new projects are you working on?

Also have a happy weekend :)


  1. This looks AWESOME!
    I've been working on drawings for zines, zines, and more zines. Shifting focus soon too to learning how to draw.

  2. The zines look awesome. Hildy gave us one when she was here. I think what you're doing is great and you're always doing something! If you're shifting your focus and evolving, as always, and it's coming so natural, I'm excited to see what you're gonna do next with figures and other things!


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