Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to Get Back to Nature {Work I'm Really Liking...}

I discovered this shop via Etsy's front page the other day and really enjoyed the dreamy, otherworldy quality of the photographs. It makes me want to live in a cottage in the forest, but it better have elves and fairies. To see more work by In Most Lights visit here.

crystal gregory on the paper squid blogA friend sent me a link to Crystal Gregory's art (oh you stumble you) and I'm so glad she did. In many of the pieces, like above, I love the contrast of the soft, feminine material against everyday items and landscapes like this rough brick wall. The contrast enhances both items, noticing the wall which doesn't get lost in the background, thus appreciating the yarn. Yarn bombing, pretty cool.

To see and read more about her art in her own words visit

Dennis Pomales artist on the Paper squid blogI've featured Dennis' work here before, but what can I say? Not only his he a friend but I'm a fan. His work also has an otherworldy thoughtfulness and depth I enjoy.

You can see more of his work here or in his shop.

Are they any works or artists you'd love to share? I'd love to know.

*No money, kittens, items or incentives were received for this post. But if anyone wants to send over chocolate, that's cool. (All images in this post are owned by the respective artist/creators).

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