Friday, March 4, 2011

A Dancing Flower Within a Field

pattern and textiles print by Paper Squid Karyna AmadorBright and shiii-ny...

I couldn't help myself, but that's what I was going for in this latest print: a very hand drawn and playful energy (it's available in my shop here).

I love textures and prints; designing them, creating them, seeing what patterns come to life.
When it's warranted I'll definitely bring more of this into my work with the new items I have in mind for you guys in the shop. Hmmm, what items are those you ask? They're more everyday useful goodies like notepads, invitations, DIY printables along with home decor items like prints. But, I've had quite a few requests on designs for fabrics and that can't be a bad idea, so you may be seeing more of me on sites like Spoonflower.

But first, today's task: get things in order, prioritize projects, directions and experimentations (like some paper cutting).
In other words, get my shit in order. Not that it's necessarily out of order, but some prioritizing is in need.

Oh yes, priorities; life, work, lifestyle, income streams, it all comes down to priorities. Right now I need to do just that — be honest with myself about what direction I want my life to take, my spiritual evolution, my work and growing my company.

What are your priorities and how do you balance them?

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  1. nice print. i have lots of priorities, balancing them is not one of them.



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