Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yep, Zombies Love Brains {Meet Juan Navarro}

Juan Navarro Miami Florida(Above: Juan Navarro, Self Portrait)Juan Navarro Zombie Years Work in progress(Above: work in progress)Zombie Years Juan Navarro Miami Florida
In continually getting to know each other and sharing inspirations, I wanted to introduce you to someone pretty awesome, Juan Navarro.

Alright so I may be a bit bias since the guy's my boyfriend, but just like with
friends, family and loved ones, it's great to be surrounded by fellow artists, designers, illustrators (whatever terms suits) who continually inspire and whose work you enjoy. His art and comics are honest, unforgiving and full of humor. Hey, others and the Miami New Times seem to think so too, so maybe I'm not fully biased.

Some local projects he's a part of here in Miami include being a part of
Creature Entertainment and partnering with our friend Jorge Chirinos from CS Gallery, along with his own comic, Zombie Years.

I hope you enjoy! As always I' d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. You can see more and visit Juan here:
His comic Zombie Years from the beginning and blog.
Website and portfolio, Fwacata
Creature Entertainment

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