Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Links

eyeful photography(Photo above from Eyeful Photography)

Hello friends. As I'm away this Saturday at a day long craft fair (I have a good feeling about this show; hope it'll be fun and awesome) I wanted to share these links I've found or been sent by friends through good ole' Stumble Upon.

Enjoy! I also hope you're having an amazing weekend off exploring, having lovely experiences or just being amazingly lazy watching a great movie; whatever works best for you. As for me it might be a bit of both.

An Object of Beauty: I absolutely loved seeing the process this artist took in creating this illustrative and commercial book cover.

A kick ass e-book I'm currently reading.

These would be a great gift for co-workers at the agency I work at.

Love this: Remembering the artist in you (source)

Clever and fun, a transformation of everyday objects.

Don't usually post fashion but these are amazing. I love the structures and colors. I want the first one right now.

Interesting article on sleep.

*Photography in this post belongs to and is credited to Eyeful Photography. No money, items or incentives were received for this post or any links. But if anyone wants to send over chocolate, that's cool.

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