Monday, January 10, 2011

Experiments in Painting & Pattern - Works in Progress

Paintings in progress by Paper squid for the Retro Indie MarketHello friends. In the past few days some great things and changes are taking place, and as always, as they come up I'll definitely be sharing. In the meantime I wanted to share some works in progress I'm creating for my next craft show, Retro Indie Market!

I wanted to experiment with acrylic and gouache, (both being very new to me) and have more handmade pieces available for the show along with prints and other items. For a little while a few years ago, before my Etsy shop, I used to paint with oils just to make gifts for friends like these paintings below. Created and given as gifts to my girl friends, my best ho-sies. ;)

Monsters Last Supper by Paper Squid for needle me thisBirth of Venus by Paper Squid
The first one above is Monsters Last Supper, made for my friend Tere from felt dolls she was creating at the time. The second one was for my friend Jenny, The Birth of Monster Venus, created at her request also from felt dolls our friend Tere used to make. Yep, both plays on classics and fun to do.

I kind of find oils easier to use then acrylic or
gouache (blending-wise) but then again I have no training and haven't used either enough. I'm giving acrylic and gouache another try (especially gouache) and will be dabbling more with water colors.

The Conclusion? I'll just need to keep experimenting and seeing what works for me and where this leads.

Do you paint and if so what do you use? Oooh and feel free to share some links. Now off to get some ideas in order!

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