Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Appreciating the Little Things: List it Tuesday

List Tuesday on Paper Squid blog Appreciating the little things (click image to enlarge)

In an effort to reprioritize and change some things around (you can catch up here) today's list is all about appreciating the little things, the everyday things. Now here is my cheesy moment: I also appreciate all of you who always check out the blog. I promise I have some great ideas and more posts in the works. I've realized just how much I love blogging and how much harder I intend to work on it. But enough enough, lets continue ...

Today's list is just about that: appreciation. If you wish,
feel free to participate with us on List it Tuesday, a wonderful idea started by Aimee of Artsyville on her wonderful blog.

What are those things, no matter how small, random or important that you appreciate?

Here are a few other things that came to mind later which didn't make the illustration (hmm, thinking I need to work on my handwriting):

my boyfriends laugh when something is really funny (it's awesome)

handmade gifts the smell of something baking in a home baking in general – very soothing (oh yeah, and eating it is too) a really great conversation a cup of coffee in the morning on a "non-working" day teal
my 2 sisters (don't tell them, I still remember all the clothes my little sister took from me)
my moms humor


  1. I adore this piece, Karyna - especially the way the thoughts float out like little dream clouds, how some seem to spontaneously burst out of others. I identify with so many of these! ("certain family" made me snort. it's always that way, isn't it.)

  2. Love this. The look is beautiful, and the thoughts are sweet.

  3. Who cares if unicorns and faeries aren't real! If they make you happy the count :)
    Great list, got a positive vibe just reading it...and of course, it doesn't hurt that I agree with so many of those little things you've listed

  4. i feel as though i am drifting on thought bubble clouds now! great happy list!

  5. your list is so dreamy. i feel a little grin floating to my face just reading it. i like unicorns too!


    PS I listed too. I also have a giveaway on my blog you should check out. Expires in a couple hours.

  6. I love this list! ....but cutting back on chocolate...hmm, sounds hasty.

  7. Thanks for stopping by everyone :)

    And I agree Lynn, cutting back on chocolate IS a bit too hasty, lol, but seriously there's other things that can be cut and life needs its pleasures

    And Aimee, it's unfortunate it's "certain family" and not "all family" but what can you do :D

  8. Great minds think alike this week!! I love the way you've done this in thought bubbles and you've mentioned some great things that I agree with so much - it really is the little things in life that make it all worthwhile and leave that warm fuzzy feeling!

  9. This illustration is great! And so are the sentiments.


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