Saturday, November 20, 2010

Appreciating the Little Things: Outdoor Animals, Patterns & Plants

Remember this recent post about my new walks in the morning? Well, I have this habit of taking my camera just about everywhere and my walks are no different. Here are a few little critters (some a bit cute, or maybe you disagree). My friend Jenny, who walks with me, noticed the caterpillars. Since she's pointed them out I can't help but notice them myself and be more mindful. I also admit this is due to the fact I almost stepped on one, which yes, I totally agree, would have been pretty horrible.

It's definitely about noticing and appreciating the little things: today it's the colors and patterns of these animals and plants.
Green Catepillar on the Paper Squid blogBrown Catepillar on the papersquid blogducks crossing on the paper squid blogBright Pink flowers on the paper squid blogCool leaves on the paper squid blog

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