Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"List It Tuesday" – Halloween Costumes Anyone?

List It Tuesday Halloween Costume Ideas Paper Squid
Last Tuesday Aimee of Artsyville started List It Tuesday, a new regular feature on her lovely blog and welcomed anyone to play along, and so I have! I may keep this up. A fun idea, thanks Aimee. You can see more lists on her blog.

Here is my list: possible Halloween costume ideas. Hmmm, which is your favorite? Or even better, do you have another suggestion? I need to pick soon!


  1. i had to look up chonga - learned something new! you definitely could create something unforgettable if you blended all of these elements!

    FUN list! thanks for participating! :)

  2. Hi,

    Just found you by way of Aimee at Artsyville! Love your list. I've joined in too if you fancy having a wee nosy!


    Nicola (PointyPix)

  3. LOL Aimee, aw that word is too hilarious- gotta make fun of it! Funny costumes sometimes work out the best.

    • • • • • • • • • • • •

    Nicola thanks for stopping by! Just visited and saw your list (see comment)..so glad to find your blog! :)

  4. Oh this is hilarious. It's like each one is better than the last!
    Yikes, I do remember the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling ;)

    I say the Giant Zombie Cupcake, in the originality department, it's a no brainer.

    (did you see what I did there)

    For your empty last spot, continuing with the 80's toon theme - may I suggest Jem of Jem and the Holograms? The original Hannah Montana!

  5. To funny, oh yeah I saw what you did there, Lol. I also like the Giant Zombie Cupcake! But Gem would be, awesome. Thanks! Either her with the Holograms or maybe even the Misfits..her arch rivals in 80's hairband glory.

  6. Oh...tell me you'll be a double rainbow...all the way...
    "What does it mean"
    Great list!

  7. great list. i totally had a she-ra doll. now i want to be her for halloween!

  8. Hey Lynn, double rainbow would be pretty funny, "what does it mean" haha.

    • • • • • • • •

    I never had a She-Ra doll (had Gem though) that would've great. You should be her! If you do show a photo!

  9. Great idea for a list! Boy are you aiming high! I was thinking I might do something simple like 'static cling' or a zombie. I might have to look further into it now that I have seen your list! Maybe I'll just wear all brown and go as a Party Pooper! Ha ha ha ha! I crack myself up!

  10. Hi Karyna! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog to see my list, and for your really lovely comments - much appreciated! :)

    Your list is adorable! I would definitely go with the 50's housewife - that would be so cool!

    Great blog by the way! Your new calendars are awesome - your illustration and colors are gorgeous! And your post on the little things - and COLOR!!! - totally spoke to me. Nice job!

    Meg from 'wild child'

  11. I vote zombie housewife!!

    Great list, and thanks for stopping by and commenting on mine. :)

  12. a) Chonga. Definitely.
    2) Speaking of cupcakes and zombies...

  13. Forget the costume, I absolutely looooove baking and will probably look closer at some of these recipes/designs! Thanks :)

  14. I vote for the giant zombie cupcake! Nice list and beautiful blog. :)


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