Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stitch Rock and a Little More

Stitch Rock Indie craft show and bazaar in South Florida
I'm so happy to be participating in this year's Stitch Rock, oh yeah.

I know many of you are not in the area, (a little sad face, seriously) but if you happen to be near Delray, FL this Saturday stop by the show, an
Indie Craft Fair and Bazaar. There are over 70 vendors so it's pretty huge. Like I always say and I mean it, stop by my table (I'll be one of the many vendors in the outdoor tent) and say hello!

I'll let you know how the show went and some other things I'm learning about these sort of events.

After the show, or actually right now as I type this, I really have some things I need to think about, some changes and some questions like where I want to go with my business and some other decisions. I feel I'm in sort of a transitional phase and need to let go of some fears, push some things harder and push other things away. I hope you'll stay around as I figure this out. Sometimes you guys know more or understand these feelings exactly, and if you don't that's good, it helps put things in perspective.

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