Monday, September 20, 2010

Latest Mini Craft Show & Some Things I've Realized

Paper Squid at Pink Ghost in Hollywood Today I wanted to share some great people I met this past Saturday at Pink Ghost, a store that holds a weekly indoor Saturday event where independent shops get to sell their goods. Who doesn't love a mini market craft show? So let me introduce you (and share some things I've realized along the way).

Paper Squid at Pink Ghost Mini MarketPaper Squid at Pink Ghost in HollywoodAbove are some photos of my table. I'm happy with how it looks, but the great thing about doing these shows (this was only my third) is you really learn what people react to, you learn how to talk better about your pieces and you get to evaluate your table. You also get to learn what types of shows and market work and don't work for you, especially with stationery and prints. I also want to develop and grow my work and the ideas behind it.

I've also realized there are some drastic and better display changes I need to do, especially for a big show I have just 2 weeks away on October 2nd. They feature over 70 vendors and have a huge audience. Along with a big banner, I have quite a few things in mind (flashing colored light bulb over my head). I promise I'll share them with you soon!

Now let's meet some great (local if you're in Florida) talent.

Shelley Faye on the Paper Squid blogAbove are plush dolls sewn by Shelley Faye. Adorable. She designs her own but also creates custom pieces such as dolls directly inspired by a child's drawing. A great gift idea (noting for my niece and nephew).

GiandPindo on the Paper Squid blogGi and Pindo, seen above, create custom jewelry and other accessories out of newspaper, folded and coated against water damage. Very eco-friendly and very unique pieces. A great idea.

Kawaii Universe Bleu Meuh on the Paper Squid blogAbove is Kawaii Universe and/or BleuhMeuh Designs by Valentina Crespo. She's so sweet and her colorful and smart work really represents that. She creates "cute vector art and illustration" selling many laminated stickers that she hand cuts herself adding that extra personal touch.

Check them out and let me know what you think. I'm now off to work on new items and that table set up I told you about earlier. I have a lot to think about.

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  1. Nice post!! All this latest mini craft designs is really awesome.


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