Thursday, September 30, 2010

Appreciating the Little Things: Color

Paper Squid blog appreciating the little things color
Hello friends, I've now officially begun this unexpected regular post. It started here with a bright orange sunburst building.

Sometimes it's about the little things, the unexpected, the beautiful, maybe even trivial. Last night I was completing some prints, painting dark purple details (almost black). I dipped the brush in water to clean it off, ready to use another color. Tired, I decided to just stop and finish later. As I went to throw it out I couldn't help but notice the nice plum color and how cool it looked.

I know, it's just a bit of paint in a jar, but hey, it's about appreciating those little things. Due to my crappy nighttime indoor lighting it looks a bit more blue in the photo but still a nice hue. And now I'm off to share with you what I was using the paint for.


  1. love this series of post... contrasting colors are amazing, and I think it's great to appreciate little things :)

  2. Nice contrast great composition!
    Very well done.
    That is art!



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