Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Links: Handmade & Happiness & An Opinion

Sketch by Juan Navarro of Zombie YearsThis link list is short but sweet. (Yep, I couldn't help myself with that one).
(re)defining the craft movment
This blog post by Tara over at Scoutie Girl brings up a great discussion about the
handmade movement and its definition. It's one of the many great discussions brought up this week along with this one - Poketo for Target: Do You Buy It?

In regards to the first topic and link above (in which the term handmade, the movement and its definition are discussed), I find myself understanding and agreeing with many of her points. As a designer who creates original designs but uses a printer to produce many of them,
I've thought about this, especially when I started selling on Etsy: how handmade is handmade and does it matter?Ultimately my process works for me; it makes many of my prints and cards accessible while allowing me to grow my business, creating an opportunity to support myself and my family along with my freelance design. (I also wrote a bit more in the blog comments).

All my paper goods are my ideas, carefully executed, from designs (whether computer or hand created) to my eco-friendly decisions and practices. "Clearly a narrow definition of handmade does not apply to this kind of craft" and all the work that goes with it. As one commenter, Gina stated, "
I think we use handmade as an idea instead of in the literal sense". I know I do.

Maybe it's not just about handmade (which is great) but also about
artist/crafter/designer-made, whether by hand or not.
It's definitely about support.

Well, I intended on just posting the link but ventured a bit. So click the link above, read the blog post, let me know your thoughts and if you happen to leave a comment on Scoutie Girl, let me know!

And one final wonderful link:
The Happiness Project
Reading about this post and the project itself really inspired a few ideas and made me want to start my own Happiness Project. There's something beautiful and true about experiencing happiness in the everyday.

*Artwork and photo above created by Juan Navarro. You can find his work here and here.


  1. I totally agree .. it definately boils down to someone with a creative idea or thought and bringing that through a creative process, no matter the means. I like to think of handmade in terms of something being made at the hands of a creative individual and not mass produced for sale in a 'big box'. Go Indie creators! Buy Handmade!! :) Support for each other is key .... Have a fab weekend! :)

  2. Hey Kirsten!

    I agree, the means don't matter, (unless they're using child or slave, then nope, not cool at all). But seriously, it's about the person(s) or company, whether big or small, the idea and the story. But I do think it's wonderful to support independent creators, handmade or not (photography is not technically handmade, but so much skill and vision required) so I'll support it, maybe if not always monetarily.

    Thanks and have a fab weekend too!


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