Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Back to Nature With Felt

Nature Inspired items using felt from etsyI wish I lived near a forest with a grand river surrounded by trees, but I don't. Because of this I enjoy nature-inspired and unexpected objects in my home, such as the pebbles above which I fell in love with, none of which are pebbles. I've kept being drawn to these faux natural items and then I noticed a pattern: they're all made of felt or use felt as part of the materials.

I'll be honest, as someone who does not work with felt I never thought much about it; its uses, quirkiness, and many applications. But then I stumbled on these items and have come to appreciate the material and the creative ways in which it can take shape.
Oh wonderful felt. Do you use this material in your work or home? Is there another material like felt that I'm missing out on? Let me know what you think.

1. Felted Pebble Gift Set in Gray Tones Delica
2. Tree Trunk Trivet Fennec1234
3. Miniature Wool Birds Nest with Wooden Robin Eggs Natural Kids and Toys
4. Needle Felted Little Blue Raining Cloud Atelier Pompadour
5. Felted Acorns – Golden Yellow Fairy Folk

*All photos and items credited to each of the individual shop owners.*No money and no items were received for this post.


  1. great finds Karina!!love all and many thanks for inclusion of my little cloud!!

  2. beautiful finds! I have a little felted clouds from Atelierpompadour and it's sooo lovely!!!

  3. Great collage of amazing creations!
    AtelierPompadour cloud is absolutely adorable!!!:=D

  4. Thanks so much ladies. I'm so glad you love the finds!

    I could see all of these in different spots on my home....a cloud here, an acorn there, love it.

  5. Lovely finds! I love that nest with robin eggs!

  6. Wow... what a stunning color story!@!! I'm delighted to be included - thanks!
    Donni -

  7. Hi Shivani, yep the robins eggs are great. Those would look great by my table and stack of books. (Hmm, maybe I should do something on owls now that I see your blog and avatar).

    Donni, besides the objects themselves, the browns with hints of teal and yellows are one of my favorite color combos (well right now). Glad you enjoyed the post. Your use of real acorn tops is great.

  8. i'm amazed by the texture, the color and the shapes that come out of felting. i have no magic for it whatsoever so i enjoy and collect my pieces from others who have the gift for this amazing technique. this is one yummy roundup!

  9. These felt pieces are amazing! I don't own any.. but you are swaying me! xx

  10. Hey Aimee, glad you love the roundup! It's very cool you collect them. Any web links? I'm enamored with felt items lately.

    * * * * *

    Sarah, I don't own any either but I have a space for a few just waiting as I slowly but surely redecorate, I need to make up my mind; that's the problem. :)

  11. Those are so cute! I've been starting to play with felt more, but still have a lot of room to figure out what it's capable of. I do love though, how you don't have to worry about the edges really after cutting it :D

    And I just found your blog, and so far, I like it! I'm gonna subscribe :}

  12. Hi Cadence,

    Welcome to the blog! I'm so glad you found her and like her (and it's true about the edges around felt once cut! I have to experiment with it one day, really. :)

    It's also great that you're subscribing..I'm working hard on new items, features and conversations for us all to have.



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