Saturday, August 7, 2010


Paper Squid work in progress water colorOh Friday, you were so productive, relaxing and intense all at the same time.

Yesterday I had a very interesting, enlightening and beautiful conversation with someone;
I put together an order for a store, evaluating my minimal packaging in the process; and started working on a new piece, shown above.
These are just a few packaged items sent off to a shop here in Florida yesterday. I designed these labels a while ago, wanting to keep them simple, using a lot of gray from my logo. I may also substitute the gray field for pink in some labels in the future, but overall I'm very happy with how they turned out. As I make more tweaks and redesigns I'll definitely be sharing with you! I may also use the round curvy form which you can see on my grab button to the right-hand side bar of the blog (it has my logo).
Let's see how it develops. What do you think? I always love to know.

Also how was your Friday and week in general?

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