Monday, July 26, 2010

New Prints & A Step by Step Process

A promise is a promise.

New Paper Squid Collage GrayI promised new items at the end of July, early August and now have these two prints to share. The original of this piece was created by hand as a mixed media collage. Once completed and scanned into the computer, I decided to create two different color versions of it; 1 and 2.

Which do you like better?

Paper Squid Latest Collage Print close upAlong with these I'll be posting more new items to my shop in the following days. I'm excited. I'll definitely let you know about them here but will try not to give you new product overload either. I promise that too.

New Paper Squid Collage Print on etsy
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And now the step by step process, with not so many steps:

Below are a few photos taken while I was creating this mixed media paper design.

Paper Squid step by step process of creating new collage print
I began by using a pencil to sketch shapes onto paper. I then used a black pen and black marker to fill them in.Paper Squid new art collage print step by step process Then (because I'm a masochist) I wanted to use this colorful paper taken from one of my test prints and re-purpose it for this collage. Using a hole punch smaller than the standard size, I glued the small pieces using rubber cement and a small art brush onto the paper in a random pattern.

Paper Squid step by step process on blogPaper Squid step by step process on blog for latest art collagestep by step process for new art collagePaper Squid step by step process for latest collage print
Voila! The piece is completed.

I've already begun new collages using this same process but experimenting with different forms. Trying something new is always worthwhile.

I welcome any thoughts in the comments below. I'd also be interested in knowing what are your favorite colors and combinations that you would love to see!


  1. I think the original print is lovely (and I can't believe you have the patience to glue all of those dots individually!) but the grey one definitely stands out more. I think I even remember seeing it at the Bazaar a couple weekends ago because I made a point of remembering that I really liked a grey one of yours.

    As far as what color combinations are great: red and teal is always pretty; brown and teal is a good one, too; ooh, and grey and red is always a classic, I think.

  2. Wow. This is gorgeous and so creative!

  3. You have incredible patience! It is lovely. I like the blue one a lot! I look forward to new designs! :)

  4. Thanks so much ladies!

    Glad you all like the pieces, and yep it took a bit of patience but wasn't that bad. (lol).

    Ooh and yes, red and teal is an amazing color combination. Will have to do a piece with those colors in mind.



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