Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Lovelies

Lovely porcelain and ceramic creations on etsyI'm a sucker for pretty ceramics and sculpture. Who isn't right? I'm really appreciating the designs and functionality of these interesting finds. More inspiration for my apartment...the apartment I still haven't seemed to finish decorating. Yellow and gray mixed with sparing uses of other accent colors (like a hint of teal) is my new crush. What about you?

1. Yellow Square Bowls, Set of 4, by Paisley Hill Designs
2. Baby Deer in Vivid Yellow, by The Runny Bunny
3. Hand Painted Mugs - Modern Leaf Design, by Pretty My Drink
4. Set of 3 Nesting Scallop Bowls, by Element Clay Studio
5. Yellow Stripes Porcelain Tumbler - Cup, by New Moon Studio
6. Retro roPot Invader in Yellow, by Apellish

*All photos and items credited to each of the individual shop owners.*No money and no items were received for this post.

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