Monday, June 21, 2010

Street Sign Wisdom

liquor store wisdom sign gulf coast
Out this weekend I spotted this sign as my boyfriend was driving. What I find as interesting as the unfortunate topic discussed (the word unfortunate doesn't cover it), is that the person(s) that have access to this sign constantly use it to state opinions about events occurring politically and environmentally. I also wonder if they're the business owners or not. They've been doing this for years but I had forgotten about it until I saw this Saturday. I'll have to keep driving by and keeping an eye out. They've definitely caught my attention.

What are your thoughts?


  1. That reminds me of church signs, I think there's a book or a web site of funny church signs. Hmmm, interesting, I would be afraid of alienating customers, personally! Hope your weekend is great! XO!

  2. Man get out of my head. I was just thinking of this guy. I think Hildi talked to him once and yea it's the store owners. Love him! Pls keep an eye on him and post some more.

  3. Hey Shari. Ha, it does remind me of some church signs I've seen, always changing up the message. Definitely interesting even if not always right.


    Tere, I knew she talked to him! I kinda remembered her saying she interviewed him once or met him, or something. You know Hildy talks with everyone :) I'll totally keep on eye on it.


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