Monday, June 28, 2010

Insanity in the Gulf {Sweet Links}

The Heads of State Gulf Charity PosterHelp The Gulf Coast on EtsyIt doesn't take an expert to realize the BP oil spill is beyond devastating to the Gulf Coast, the oceans and the world in general. This will be affecting all of us, animal, plant or human (and anything else) for a long's just so massive and overwhelming.

As a supporter of small business, handmade, art and design, below are a few links with great ways to help by small businesses. There's also other information and links to well supported organizations. Many of the links below direct you to more helpful resources. I know it's only a small step. This post won't save the gulf, but I believe helping in any way is necessary, and hopefully can have an impact, no matter how small for this massive issue.

Toxic Gulf series (part 1 of 3) by Vice on VBS.TV

This is wonderful post on Miss Malaprop with great ways to help. Also make a note to read the comments which include many updated resources and information.

I just love the poster featured above by The Heads of State. You can own it and help the gulf all at once.

Enough is Enough: The Sierra Club

A must visit: created over at My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses, over 80 artists are donating artwork to be purchased. All proceeds will go to The Gulf Restoration Network.

Help The Gulf Coast is an Etsy shop filled with seller donated pieces. (The second image above, by JewelFish is from this shop.) Proceeds go to Oxfam America and the National Wildlife Federation. {A few of my items, in case you ever wanted certain prints, can be found in this shop.}

More wonderful links can be found over at Shutter Sisters {via Kind Over Matter}.

A shirt from Threadless where all proceeds go to The Gulf Restoration Network.

The Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund

More great links from The Bright Side Project.

Save Our Gulf

Please feel free to share any other links or thoughts in the comments below.Thank you!


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