Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gotta Love a Red Head {Though Blondes and Brunettes Are Awesome Too}

Meet Pepita.

Alright, her official name is Maggie, but it doesn't matter; she's awesome either way. (Excuse the photo, it was taken late at night). This adorable doll is handmade and created by Sue, of Sue114, a fellow
UWIB member. Maggie is a gift for my niece Mila, who will soon be turning two. I actually opened the package and said "aww" out loud. I'm a sucker for a cool kid's toy or doll, though I have no kids of my own yet. I'll just be the cool aunt for now.

I chose her with the specific red hair and green eyes hoping it would look like me, (yes I did that, an aunt can be selfish). But my boyfriend burst my bubble and said, "nope, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out." Ha, gotta love his honestly. Still, I just had to share her with you.

Do you have any other cool toys or doll suggestions? I also have a nephew about to be born in a few days and we know how quick they grow.

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*No money and/or no items were received for this post.
*All doll designs credited to Sue114.


  1. thanks you so much for posting this :) I think she came out great!

  2. Maggie is adorable--I love Sue's dolls!

  3. She's so cute, Karyna. I see the resemblence:) Sue did a great job!

  4. Aww, what an adorable little doll! Great job, Sue :)

  5. that doll is super cute, i can see why you chose her

  6. Oh so cute! Your niece is very lucky to have Pepita/Maggie for her birthday =)


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