Friday, May 14, 2010

Brand New Newsletter & Four New Linocuts

Hello again! It's been a busy week but I have a few new pieces I'd love to share with you as well as my brand new shop newsletter, (about time). Yep, it's all about "new" today. I've created it to share specific new items and newsletter-only subscriber deals! If interested, you may sign up here.

I was also recently inspired to create new handmade pieces. The results were the four linocut block prints below. It's a limited series. I wanted to play with a familiar form and pattern & keep it ornate yet simple.

Paper Squid hand pulled linocut block print on etsyWhite linocut hand pulled block print.

Paper Squid hand pulled linocut block print etsyOrange linocut hand pulled block print.

Paper Squid Linocut hand pulled block print etsy
Purple linocut hand pulled block print.

Green hand pulled linocut block print.

Ha, maybe I should come up with better titles.
I love block printing. It's simple and soon I'll have ready a quick tutorial which you'll hopefully find useful.
I also want to hear any thoughts on the prints or linocuts in general. Do you have any special techniques or questions on linocuts that you'd love to share? As well, is there perhaps a new color combination you'd love to see? Just let me know!

Hope you're having a truly happy weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Love the orange one the most! So cool, love all the texture!


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