Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Lovelies {Children Inspired}

Wow, it seems everyone I know is having a baby, (in case you're wondering we're not planning for one, at least not anytime soon). My sister's baby shower is in a few weeks and I've recently had two others (a best friend and an awesome friend and co-worker). With all this baby madness I've found myself searching for different and adorable gifts that go a bit beyond the registry. Here are a few for newborns as well as for children a little older. Which are your favorite? Please feel free to add even more adorable suggestions! 1. Spring Stripe Tie Onesie {by Rags and Ruffles Baby}
2. Vintage Quilt Pom Mobile {by Pom Love}
3. Perched Bird, Butterflies and Flowers {by Pink Perch}
4.Babushkas {by Mae}
5. Diaper Changing Mat & Wipes Holder {by Puddletonbaby}
6. 3 Burpies, Daisy Gray {by Baby Mae Boutique}
7. Vintage Alphabet Sippy Cup Set {by O.R.E}
8. Little Man Neckties for Boys {by Booger and Tash}
9. Hoot Ponytail Ties {by Tida Bella Monkey}
10. Burpy Floral Pink Chenille Blanket {by No Whining Pleez}
11. Chubby Yellow Bird Mini Pillow {by Dedeetsy Shop}
12. Futuristic Robot Baby t-shirt {by Happy Family}
13. Wilomena {by Maureen Drake}
14. Fiona, Fawn Wood Teether {by Little Alouette}
15. Wash Cloth Cupcakes-Girls {by Baby Cakes & Decor}


  1. Awwww such a cute collection, I just love baby things at the moment!

  2. Thanks so much for adding my pillow! I too, know a ton of pregnant ladies at the moment!!

  3. What a beautiful collection of baby things, Karyna! Thanks for including my burpies!! And I love the red hair... I have a spunky little 3 year old redhead! What an experience she is!!! :)

    ~ Michelle @ BabyMaeBoutique

  4. I'm glad you liked the collection! :)

    As well dedeetsyshop and Michelle @ BabyMaeBoutique, you are welcome! Lovely items.

  5. thanks so os much for including FIONA! xoxoxox love yr blog!

  6. Love it all! I am in the midst of the baby frenzy, too (not me, but my friends!) and am always on the lookout for good gifts! Of course I love the little wooden deer, too!

    Have a fabulous day, and if you get a chance, stop by and check out my Catherine Deneuve giveaway! XO!

  7. So sweet lil' things! And v cute blog Karyna. I've just started a blog about interiors for wee bubs so if anyone of your baby-popping pals are looking for inspiration they're invited to come visit me at:


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