Friday, April 9, 2010

My 1st Craft Show with Some Friday Sweet Links

Indie Craft Bazaar Cinema ParadisoI know I haven't posted much this week but I promise I'm not neglecting the blog. Lets just say work has been very busy and I've been preparing some new pieces for my 1st craft show and etsy shop! If you're in South Florida April 25th feel free to stop by the Indie Craft Bazaar show and say hi! I'd love to meet you.

I'll have new posts next week showing you the goods and I'd love to know what you think. The designs are a bit different, a bit experimental, but I guess not so much and yet that's never a bad thing.

Besides the show here are a few other links I think you'd like:

RikRak Studio Blog Sponsor Giveaway (lovely blog & yes I'm a sponsor!)

For you gardeners, Natural Methods of Garden Pest Control & How to Grow Your Own Microgreens (soon I'm starting a garden).

One day without shoes. (As you'll see the official day passed but I thought the video and post is still worth a look).

Love these photos, very relaxing like summer days where you don't have a lot of busy to-do's, and there happens to be a giveaway.


  1. If I was even remotely close to Ft. Lauderdale...I would go, sounds so great!

  2. Oh, good for you! I know you're really proud, I would totally go if we lived in Fla!


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