Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet Links {Copyrights}

In catching up on my blog reading (I'm blog obsessed) I've noticed a theme on the web this past week or two. It's been about protecting our work while still putting it out there for everyone to enjoy. As an artist just sharing work online or as one selling a product, this is very important. It's also important for the public in general to be informed about how copying hurts. Don't be in fear, but taking peaceful preventative measures is always good.

We are all inspired by each other in so many ways. There is nothing wrong with this. Many things (just about everything) has been done before. But no matter what, creating from the heart and making things our own is always important. I really strive for this and honesty in my work. I don't say this to toot my own horn, but it would hurt to be blatantly copied so how could I do it to someone else. But to be inspired is always wonderful!

Therefore, if you haven't read these articles I feel they're definitely worth the time.

Speak up against copyright (via Robinpedrero)

How to password protect your Illustrator pdf
A great post on copycats & plagiarism
DIY is not duplicate it yourself

*The original image above was taken by me at the Fair Child Tropical Gardens.


  1. Good points, thanks for posting! Great blog, by the way!

  2. Hi Shari, Thanks! And I'm so glad you like the post and blog as well.
    By the way I love the name "Little Blue Deer". :)


  3. Thanks for sharing, definately something to think


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