Friday, March 5, 2010

I Wonder Who They Were {Old Photos}

old vintage photos of three women possibly in CubaI love old photos, whether of family or strangers. There's something interesting about the old film, the fashion, the vintage items and wondering who the people are or were.

The two photos above were in a pile given to my mother from her aunt - my great aunt. Of course, as the computer savvy daughter I've been given the task of scanning
all these photos to share with family.

My grandmother was visiting from Venezuela two months ago and I had the chance to sit with her and go through each picture. These two photos were the only ones where she didn't recognize anyone. They intrigue me for this reason. She believes they're in Cuba (there's also a ton taken here in the states, Mexico and Venezuela). I can't tell if it's the same three women in the photos or not, but I love how they're driving off in the car, their attitude and style. I wonder who they were.

On that note here's a great website called My Parents Were Awesome (originally discovered via
SwissMiss). Such great vintage photography of real-life moments.

As I sift through the pile I'll definitely be sharing more with you in the time to come.
I'm curious though, what do you think of these pictures?

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