Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet Links

I hope you're enjoying your weekend; perhaps taking a trip, relaxing, Super Bowl maybe? Mine is a bit busy, but that's actually a good thing. Before I step away to work on new designs here are this week's sweet links; there are definitely some gems.

"A film about type, yes please!" {Via greenpaperco on twitter}

• I stumbled on the photo above in an Etsy search. The shop, Bomobob has great prints and many are now for sale. In fact this photographers work has inspired an entire new blog post that I will have up soon.

Honey I Shrunk Red Hook: A wonderful art project about community and "familiar strangers". Exhibited last year but a great concept and video to watch {via Hildy}.

• The bold colors and furniture from Chroma Lab are spectacular {via Scoutie Girl}.

• Beautiful photography and nicely arranged by color, by Maria Kallin {via Decor8}.

• I want a rainbow bagel {via stumble}.

• So much movement and such interesting work from Jennifer Sanchez {via Art Milk}.

*Photo credit and rights: bomobob

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