Thursday, January 14, 2010

Link Love

It's official, I think I'll be making Sweet Links a regular weekly and/or bi-weekly feature here on the blog. Now time for some links I've found around the web.

• First I'd love to sneak in and share my latest DIY paper good,
Smoochity Smooch Smooch. Perfect for Valentine's if you want a bit of humor. Looking for something more sarcastic or honest? Maybe this is better.

• Are you a graphic designer or perhaps do custom design work of any sort? You will appreciate
this website (via a co-worker). As a freelance graphic designer, I've actually heard a few of these comments and/or requests myself...ay.

• I really enjoy this artist work and her blog; I found
this a wonderful post.

• You may have taken this test
already, What Type Are You? But if you love type and haven't, it's worth the 5 minutes. (The password is character). What was your result? (Found here).• A friend sent me this link and I love the message from Charter for Compassion. Worth a look.

• Some
inappropriate books for kids. Love the vintage feel and artwork in some.

• Oh paper cuts, how I love thee. One day I will attempt you, just because.
(Via My love for you is a Stampede of Horses).

Hope you discovered something you like.


  1. Had to check out the post on 'bizarre clients'...unbelievable! I'm a 1st year design student, and I had never heard of this sort of awkward customer. I can't wait to add some of these to my collection!

  2. Hey Yvie. Some of those client requests/comments are hilarious and unfortunately so true...oh I'm sure you'll encounter at least one of these soon! =)



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