Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday: Art Miami, Miami Art Basel & Street Art

This Saturday my boyfriend and I decided to wake up early, (as early as possible) grab some coffee and head out to Wynwood in downtown Miami to see art shows both big and small. Many are in town due to Miami Art Basel which is in Miami Beach. Not only do you have the big show that is Art Basel, but other shows like Art Miami and many other local artists and galleries. We by no means saw it all and many shows are still going on at the time of this post. But, I couldn't help but notice all the street art in downtown. Let me know what you think, love it, hate it? I love reading your comments.

Note: The last three photos were taken inside the large Art Miami tent show.
*No money or incentives were received for this post & all artwork is property of the artist(s) it was created by &/or galleries.

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  1. Love your pictures! Glad you had a chance to get out there and see all this art around us (I live in the area too!).


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