Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Oceanic Fort

Child-like and serene, I love the dreaminess and colors of this photo. Makes me want to jump in and join them. Some of the featured artwork on the walls is by Hildemar Cruz (or better yet, just Hildy) in collaboration with her boyfriend & artist Dennis Pomales and sister, Teresita Cruz in their new L.A. apartment. Though I've known Hildy for years (years) she never seizes to amaze me, always keeping me curious as to what she's working on now.
Some of her current projects include a zine of which a few pages are featured below, videos, website and more (will update links in a new post when available). Hmm, I need to make a trip to L.A. soon and visit her.


  1. Love her things! wonderful photo too, great post! jamie

  2. Thanks Jamie! I checked out your blog and etsy! Nice work! :)


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