Sunday, August 9, 2009

Latest Linocut Art Print...

I love making linocut prints..and sometimes I really love taking those prints and using different color paints and experimenting with pattern and movement. And this is what you see above: my Yellow Summer Linocut Art Print, created over the weekend. I want to create an entire series of these and soon have them available as affordable archival prints. Ooh and I have some ideas for cards...but that's later.

Below are some of the steps taken to create this piece.
In this case I used a rubber linoleum block I carved a while ago. I've actually used it for many different prints and cards (some you can find in my shop).

I began by smoothing out the yellow block paint with a soft rubber roller. I then inked my carved linoleum block with the yellow paint. I then placed the paper on top of the block and using the bottom-rounded end of a spoon, pressed down to make the print . (There are definitely better tools for this, such as a baren). I only made 2 prints. After drying I cut them down to 8.5 inches x 11 inches. And then with a big splurge of energy I began the dot painting process! And voila! It's done. What do you think? Enjoy!


  1. All I can say is WOW!!! I've admired those in your shop, but never knew how they were made. Now that I do, I admire them even more!!

  2. Your patience is extraordinary! I did a much smaller piece using dots and it took forever. Lovely work!

  3. This piece and process are just fabulous to see!!! Thank you for sharing. I luv it!!!

  4. This is amazing!!! Thank you for showing your process. Very exciting and informative. Take care. See you around uwib :-)

  5. Wow...thank you guys, really. I'm glad you enjoy the piece and the post! I love making these prints! =)

  6. This is beautiful. The print on it's own is quite lovely and what you've done with the paint makes it... more than lovely. Your Etsy shop is quite amazing too.

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! Amazing!

  8. I love love love this Karyna! You are incredible!

  9. Mm. I really like the thing You do. I enjoy making cards as well and new thing for me is lino cut. Your blog is really inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing.



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