Saturday, August 2, 2014


August 2014 desktop wallpaper, August 2014 calendar modern flowers desktop wallpaper by

It's that time again for a new desktop wallpaper! This month I created two versions for you, one with an August calendar, and the other is a design-only version good for anytime. This came straight from my sketch book and at a suggestion yesterday via instagram to make this August's desktop background, (and since I didn't get a chance to complete the design I originally intended for this post), I figured hey, this would be perfect for this month.

Hope you enjoy (let me know if you do), and please feel free to share by linking to this post.

ink and flowers desktop wallpaper hand drawn by

Have a great  rest of your weekend.

*for personal use only

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


july 2014 free desktop wallpaper watercolor by papersquid

I haven't been around the blog in a while but I hope you're enjoying these free desktop wallpapers! You may download July's free dekstop wallpaper at the link below and as always feel free to share.

July 2014 watercolor desktop wallpaper - download here

Sunday, June 1, 2014


free june 2014 desktop wallpaper painting

A little bit of color for this month of June. Click the link below to download the desktop wallpaper and I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


watercolor free desktop wallpaper, desktopwallpaper, may 2014 desktop wallpaper, papersquid

watercolor free desktop wallpaper, desktopwallpaper, free, papersquid

It's that time again for a new desktop wallpaper. There are two versions, one with May's 2014 calendar and a design-only version good for anytime which you can download with the links below.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to share!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


free april 2014 desktop wallpaper calendar, mandala wallpaper desktop calendar, papersquid free desktop wallpaper calendar

It's time for a new desktop wallpaper calendar. I've once again created two versions: one with April's 2014 calendar and the other is a design-only version good for anytime.

Hope you enjoy!

free desktop wallpaper calendar, mandala wallpaper desktop calendar, papersquid free desktop wallpaper calendar
*for personal use only

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


mermaid portraits, mermaid portraiture
You may have come across my very realistic portraits which are now "a thing" I do for my friends as Christmas gifts, or in the case of my past Dinosaur Portraiture, a gift for an awesome time spent in LA. Well, this past December I could've bought them (them being, my girls: friends met in junior high and high school who you don't talk to for months and it doesn't matter because you pick right up where you left off). Well, I could have bought them something useful, something awesome but I opted for mermaid portraits because well, everyone needs to know what they'd look like as a mermaid – of course.

I should have posted these back in December when it was more relevant, but I rediscovered them the other day and wanted to share. I could have gotten more detailed, more "realistic" in a cartoony-caricature way, but that date of the 25th was looming. I did hesitate to post these for a moment because of that reason, afraid to post them because they "could've been better", and they could have, but then I decided who cares, just share it. These are always fun to make and when you find yourself drawing someone and laughing to yourself, thats a good sign right?

Hope you enjoy and have an awesome, magical and beautiful week.

Monday, March 17, 2014


These are just a few abstract paintings I've been experimenting with lately; lots of playing with color. I love getting lost in these, creating them when I'm not designing new invitationsYou may recognize one of these paintings from a past free desktop wallpaper I shared on the blog. (A quick note: the awkward angle on the image above is due to me taking the photo with the paintings backwards - I noticed later - and so it's been rotated).

This image below is a few shots of one of the paintings in progress and the final outcome. Always cool to see where the paintings go.

The painting above is Canopy no.2. All of these were created using gouache and acrylic.

This painting above is Abstract Untitled No.1 (Yep, the perfect name when I can't think of a name.

This one is titled Canopy No.1. You can also find a version of this painting as a free desktop wallpaper which you can download here.

If interested, these three prints and other items are available in my Society6 shop here. The Society 6 shop now has shower curtains (love these), wall clocks and other awesome stuff.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week.


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